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Online class and Zoom lectures now available

Check out the new online workshop, The Painted Landscape. This class includes a video on painting fabric for skies and water, a comprehensive set of class notes with images, a pattern and a list of requirements. Many of the techniques covered in this class are those I use when creating my landscape quilts. Go to the Online class section to view more information about this workshop.

Zoom Lectures

I have currently started presenting lectures via Zoom to groups all around the world. There are three lectures available.

  1. Journeys - Join in and be entertained listening to a humorous account of the many challenges that I have encountered travelling the world, teaching classes. Hear about my inspiration and the techniques I use to create my large landscape quilts and designs based on architecture. View lots of images and close ups of quilts that have won awards around the world.

  2. The Quilted Landscape - Have you thought about making a quilt to capture your memories of a special place. Perhaps a wonderful holiday destination, a view from your lounge window or a memory of a special place from childhood. No matter what the inspiration, creating a landscape quilt is an achievable project. The process combines making decisions about design and colour choices as well as incorporating accurate construction techniques. This lecture and power point presentation will focus on these components, solving the mystery of where to begin.

  3. Colour your World - Colour is probably the most expressive and emotional element of design. An effective use of colour can turn something ordinary into something quite extraordinary. Enjoy this lecture focusing on colour including lots of useful information and strategies, images of some wonderful quilts and photos of colourful inspiration. This lecture is for those of you who have the motivation to explore colour. A beautiful world awaits you!

These lectures go for approximately 45 minutes. If you would like further information on availability and fees please contact me.


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