Light up your Landscape
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Light up your Landscape - Online Class


Tiling areas of your quilt allows you to make gradual changes in colour and value, creating perspective and allowing the light to flow around your design.  This online class will give you the guidance and technical assistance necessary so that you can produce your own beautiful designs, full of movement and light. You can use one of the patterns provided, but for those who want to work on their own image, design principles, including perspective and focal point, are outlined. A variety of colour schemes are discussed for those who would like to learn more about colour.

This class is suitable for all levels, including beginners.

This online class includes:

  • Video 1 - Fabric and colour selections

  • Video 2 - The tiling process

  • 2 Patterns

  • Detailed class notes with helpful images

  • List of requirements

Note - The two class projects were constructed from commercial fabrics readily available.

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