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The Painted Landscape

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The Painted Landscape  - Online Class


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This workshop, that you download to your computer, will allow you to proceed through the class in your own time at home.

One of my most popular workshops, in recent times, has been 'The Painted Landscape'. The techniques explored in this class feature in many of my landscape quilts, and you can use them to give your design a more abstract feel. The use of overlapping strips of fabric is the basis of this class. I have included a pattern which is probably a good choice as you initially work through the process.  You can then go on to incorporate these techniques in your own designs.

The quilt is finished with a faced edge and instructions for doing this are included in the class notes. This class is suitable for all skill levels.

When you download this class, you will receive:

1. A set of class notes with photographs of each stage

2. A list of requirements

3. A pattern

4. A video outlining the process of painting fabric for the sky and water areas. You can, of course, use commercial fabric for these areas, but I would encourage you to watch the video as fabric painting is so easy and lots of fun.

Of course I would love to work with you in person, but hopefully in this way we can still get to do a work shop together.

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