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Landscape Collage
Grain Elevator

Landscape Collage - Online Class


Click on the Forest image to purchase from the shop.

This brand new workshop, that you download to your computer, will allow you to proceed through the class at your own pace.  These landscapes are based on overlapping tiles of various sizes to create a rich background of texture and colour.  These tiles are fused to a base and then quilted in place.  A forest of hand painted trees or an iconic building, using the techniques from my Fabulous Facades book are included. 

This class is suitable for all levels.

The download includes:

1. Video 1 - Features some new collage quilts, selecting fabrics and the collage process

2. Video 2 - Painting trees techniques

3. 2 Patterns

4. Detailed class notes with helpful images

5. List of requirements

Note - The collaged background for the two class projects were constructed from commercial fabrics readily available.

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