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The Lions Club of Quilters Victoria has been working very diligently towards their goal of establishing The Australian Quilt museum Preservation and public access to a significant and quality collection of work is their key priority. The Australian Quilt Museum will initially celebrate our quilt history from 1939 onwards. The quilts acquired will be comprehensively catalogued, documented and stored in museum quality conditions until a permanent museum location is established.

The first step, in this huge initiative, was to begin to acquire quilts. Last Saturday, the 3rd of March, I had the honour of being the guest speaker at their 'Meet the Maker' day. At the conclusion of my talk, it was announced the the first quilt to be acquired for the museum, was Tidal Images.

I made Tidal Images in 1999 and it won a number of major awards in Australia, Japan and the United States. It measures 250 cm by 200 cm. It has been featured in exhibitions around the world and in many publications, including my first book, Luminous Landscapes.

I was absolutely thrilled and honoured to hand over my large quilt to the Museum, knowing that it will be preserved for future generations to enjoy and examine.

If you would like further information about the museum, or would like to be involved please contact

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