Online class and Zoom lectures now available

Check out the new online workshop, The Painted Landscape. This class includes a video on painting fabric for skies and water, a comprehensive set of class notes with images, a pattern and a list of requirements. Many of the techniques covered in this class are those I use when creating my landscape quilts. Go to the Online class section to view more information about this workshop. Zoom Lectures I have currently started presenting lectures via Zoom to groups all around the world. There are three lectures available. Journeys - Join in and be entertained listening to a humorous account of the many challenges that I have encountered travelling the world, teaching classes. Hear about my inspira

ONLINE CLASS - The Painted Landscape (Coming soon)

With international and even domestic travel out of the question, I have decided to offer an online class, based on one of my recent workshops, The Painted Landscape. There will be a pattern provided for this class which you can download or you can draw your own design. The class project features strips of fabrics overlapping in the sky, a distant line of hills, an area of water and foreground and a silhouette of a tree. The class will include a video on painting your own sky and water fabric plus class notes that you can print off for future reference. It has been a lot of fun putting this together and should be available on the website shortly.


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