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South Korea

One of my last teaching commitments for 2016, was a series of 3 workshops in South Korea. Organised by Bernina Korea, the workshops were attended by a very enthusiastic and skilled group of South Korean Quilters.

The three classes were based on my techniques in Radiant Landscapes and included mosaic tiling, fabric painting of trees and lots of stitching and quilting.

We had the opportunity to try many fascinating and delicious South Korean dishes as our wonderful hosts took us to a range of incredible restaurants. Tony had a great time exploring Seoul, even managing to purchase rail passes and catch public transport when all the signs and town names were written in South Korean characters. His photographs have given us a wonderful record of the colours, the temples and museums, the people and the landscape.

I would really like to thank the staff at Bernina Korea for looking after us so well. I would also like to thank my wonderful translator, Sue. We worked hard in class but had so much fun and fellowship, sharing our knowledge and skills.

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