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Fabulous Facades - New Book Release

My latest book, 'Fabulous Facades' has just been released by my publisher C&T. Combining my love of architecture and textiles, I set out to capture in fabric many of the buildings that have a story to tell. From crumbling structures that have been exposed to the elements of weather and time to recent designs that seem to defy gravity, there are so many wonderful buildings that provide inspiration.

The construction process outlined in the book, allows sections of the building to be constructed separately. Each section is outlined with a dark line, giving a graphic feel to the work, reminiscent of a woodblock print.

There is a chapter on design and another on colour, both providing useful information for quilters of all levels. A whole chapter is devoted to doorway. Many of us collect images of doorways and now you can recreate these in fabric. There is another chapter on using the construction technique for other facades, including old trucks, shipping and caravans.

Instructions and patterns for three projects, a doorway, a campervan and a row of colourful Italian buildings have been included. There are also a number of extra patterns that can be downloaded through our the book.

We have also included lots of images of incredible and fascinating buildings we have encountered in our travels around the world. Just turning the pages becomes a visual feast, as you enjoy the colours and textures.

In Australia, you can purchase the book directly from me. In other countries it is available from your quilt shop and from C&T. (

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