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Looking forward to 2017

After a wonderful few weeks at home, enjoying beautiful summer weather and time with our family and friends, it is time to get organised and prepare for upcoming classes in 2017.

There are some exciting classes coming up which can be found on my schedule. I will be returning to some of my favourite venues such as Empty Spools at Asilomar in California, AQC in Melbourne and Quilt Encounter in Adelaide. I am especially looking forward to teaching again in the wonderful facilities at the Madeline Island School of the Arts at La Pointe, Wisconsin. I will be returning there for the third time in August, to teach my 5 day class based on architecture and facades.

There will also be some new destinations including classes in Bergen in Norway, a quilting cruise from Seattle to Alaska and an exhibition of my quilts at the Open European Quilt Championships in the Netherlands.

So 2017 promises to be a busy but exciting time, with the release of my latest book and workshops in so many wonderful places around the world.

Some student quilts that have been made in recent 5 day Fabulous Façade classes.

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