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Distinctive Doorways

Class Description


Doors have an intriguing and beguiling story to tell us. Some doorways are elaborate, others commonplace and many are in various stages of disrepair. They are created from many different materials and showcase a range of stunning colours and textures. Some of the more interesting doors are in less than perfect condition. They show their age as the materials weather, the paint fades and peels and the metal rusts.  In this class we will create a small quilt based on a doorway.  You can bring your own design or make one of the 3 patterns available. After looking at a number of colour schemes participants can then decide to use a very different palette or stay with the original colour scheme for their own design. As part of the construction technique we will look at the layers of the building and construct each layer separately. Main features will be outlined with a thin dark line to create a more graphic image.

Requirements ( click to download )

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