Shades of the Forest

Class Description


A forest is often filled with a play of light as the sun filters through to some areas and leaves others in mysterious gloomy shade. A way of recreating this dappled sunshine backdrop is to tile a background in a variation of colors. The addition of detailed trees, branches and leaves in the foreground adds perspective and interest. The tiled background is created by fusing small squares or rectangles.  Consideration of the season and type of trees will be important design elements.  Background colors could range from the stunning autumn tones of reds, browns, oranges and gold, to the new crisp greens of spring to the grey and white tones of the stark bleak winter.  Participants will design their own wall hanging working from a photos, sketch or picture. Fusing, fabric painting, free motion stitching, bobbin work and quilting techniques will be included. This workshop is suitable for new and experienced quilters with patterns and suitable hand dyed fabrics available in class.

Requirements ( click to download )

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